Finding the way towards Population Health Management on the Central Coast – Farewell & Thank you Annefrans!

On Thursday the 24 of November 2022, CCRI intern and PhD candidate Annefrans van Ede presented the findings of her project, ‘Finding the way towards Population Health Management on the Central Coast’, which she had undertaken during her time here at the Central Coast Research Institute.

Following a series of workshops that were held with a range of relevant stakeholders over the last five months, Annefrans described the research process to the audience, as well as the results for regional organisations, cross domain business models, integrated data infrastructure, co-designing workforce and community, population health data analytics and emergent implementation strategies. Annefrans also presented on the limitations that presented during the research process, as well as the strengths and weaknesses.

Looking forward, it is clear that there is a need to strengthen local alliances to provide focus and drive towards population health and to capitalise on current political momentum for change. The principles of such alliances need to be based on building trust and connections, and to become action-oriented. Long-term commitments across political cycles and shared resources that help to drive shared ambitions and aims are needed. Furthermore, making sustainable long-term change is likely to require a change of attitude across all involved stakeholders towards learning together and to work thorough how best to organise, finance, and monitor progress differently, in ways that truly can put the community first.

For more information, checkout the presentation slides: Presentation PHM-MI

The completion of this project and the presentation unfortunately meant the end of Annefrans’ internship at the Central Coast Research Institute, as she began a month-long trip travelling the east coast of Australia. Reflecting on her time here, Annefrans had the following to say: “I greatly enjoyed my time at the CCRI. Learning a new culture and health system inspired me even more to be open to other perspectives. The importance thereof becomes clearer and clearer when working together to strive for optimum health and wellbeing of the population. Thank you all for a wonderful experience.”

Congratulations on the completion of this project Annefrans, and thank you for your time at the CCRI. We will miss you!


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