Our People &
Research environment

  • Professor Nick Goodwin

    DirectorRead more
  • Dr Zoi Triandafilidis

    Research Project ManagerRead more
  • Dr Brok Glenn

    Adjunct ProfessorRead more
  • Dr Suzanne Lewis

    Head of Integrated Care Evidence Service.
    Library Services Manager, CCLHD.
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  • Annefrans van Ede

    Intern (and PhD candidate)Read more
  • Cassia Lindsay

    CCRI Research Associate / CCLHD Aboriginal Health Promotion Officer. Read more

Our Research environment

The CCRI is a joint venture of the University of Newcastle and Central Coast Local Health District. The CCRI aims to build a dynamic network of partners to create high-impact collaborative research programs across Australia and internationally, to support the delivery of inter-sectoral and multi-disciplinary education and training programs, and to enable the meaningful involvement of local communities in research and research translation.

Who we work with

The CCRI collaborates with and delivers its research and education programs in partnership with a range of local, national, and international organisations.

The strategies we align with

  • CCLHD Strategic Research Plan 2022-2026

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  • CCLHD Caring for our Community Plan 2021-2031

    Read more
  • Looking Ahead. The University of Newcastle Strategic Plan: 2022-2025

    Read more
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education and Research Framework

    Read more
  • CCLHD Caring for the Coast strategy 2019-2024

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  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research Strategy for the Hunter and Central Coast region

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