Evidence Service

The CCRI’s evidence service provides rapid access to the latest research on integrated care through its Integrated Care Evidence Service (ICES) and on-line Integrated Care Search facility.

Integrated Care Evidence Service

The Integrated Care Evidence Service (ICES) supports the development of resource packs, scoping reviews, rapid reviews and systematic reviews on integrated care topics to inform research and practice. ICES resources include the Integrated Care Search filter (see below) and an Evidence Planner, a step-by-step guide to planning evidence reviews on integrated care topics: Evidence Review Planner for Integrated Care Topics – Final CCRI report – 20231023

Recent work of ICES has included:

  • an evidence check for the SAX Institute examining integrated approaches that address domestic and family violence, undertaken in partnership with the University of Newcastle
  • a rapid review of the integrated health and care services needed when responding to natural disasters, funded by the SPINIFEX network
  • a rapid realist review on models of care for people with dementia approaching the end of life, funded by the Medical Research Futures Fund
  • a scoping review to identify approaches and models of integrated care to people living with motor neurone disease

Integrated Care Search

Integrated care research evidence should be visible and accessible to all stakeholders. For this reason, Integrated Care Search was commissioned in 2017 by Central Coast LHD in collaboration with Flinders Filters (Flinders University), the University of Newcastle and the International Foundation for Integrated Care. Integrated Care Search is a validated online resource that allows you to efficiently retrieve the most up-to-date integrated care literature via the PubMed database. The service includes access to pre-developed, topic-specific search strings combined with a search filter optimised for ​either sensitive or precise searching.

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