START February, 2021
END September, 2024
FUNDER EU Horizon 2020
VALUE $10,800.000
PROJECT TEAM This large European consortium is being co-ordinated by EMPIRICA
CONTACT The project can be contacted through
PARTNERS INCAREHEART brings together 8 partners from 8 countries, presenting a vital mix of public procurers from 5 countries: Sweden, Turkey, Italy, Greece, and Portugal. (RJH, UNINA, RCM, SCMA, MOH), private companies (EMPIRICA, TBM) and a non-for-profit organisation (IFIC).

INCAREHEART: Pre-commercial procurement of innovative ICT-enabled integrated care solutions to advance multidisciplinary health and care for patients with chronic heart failure.

Over the course of 44 months, five public procurers will address this care gap by jointly procuring R&D for an ICT-enabled integrated care solution which will advance patient-centred, coordinated health and care provision for chronic heart failure. Special focus will be given to improving care transitions and care planning, facilitating efficient collaboration of multidisciplinary care teams and patients, providing tailored secondary prevention, as well as enabling patient empowerment, shared decision-making and disease self-management. Through comprehensive monitoring and securely leveraging data sources, the INCAREHEART platform will also support early diagnosis and detection of complications and co-morbidities. The consortium expects that ICT-enabled integrated care can improve patients’ personal health outcomes and experience through a more effective and efficient healthcare management and provision.

The CCRI is supporting the project through an expert advisory role, including external evaluation of the quality and relevance of proposed ICT-enabled solutions presented as part of the procurement process.