Healthcare Transformation​ Research Program

START January, 2022
END December, 2022
VALUE $150,000 (Year 1)
PROJECT TEAM Michele Giles; Nick Goodwin, Brandan Boyle; Maralyn Foureur; Gena Lieschke; Peter Massey; Adrian Dunlop, Chris Hayes; Rhonda Wilson; Antony Mullen; Donna Hartz; Ryan Gallagher; Karen Mclaughlin; Ian Mcqualter.
CONTACT Associate Professor Michelle Giles
PARTNERS CCRI, UON, HMRI, HNELHD NMRC; Health Services Research and Innovation Group.

The program aims to develop and deliver workable, evidence-based solutions for real-world problems in the health system to improve care experiences and outcomes for individuals, families, communities and the health workforce. ​


To be posted here when available.