Central Coast Local Health District Launches Caring for the Community Plan 2021-2031

The release of the CCLHD Caring for our Community Plan 2021-2031 sets out a blueprint for community health services across the Central Coast over the next ten years and provides a roadmap for how to achieve it. The Plan was developed in consultation with over 200 community members, staff, general practitioners, community services and external partners over 12 months. 

The Plan acknowledges the important trends and shifts occurring towards community based health care and supports the health and wellbeing of the community. It recognises the significant role that community health services play in supporting people to stay health and well in the community, supporting early discharge from hospital and safe care transitions, and lessening the need for inpatient care.

Underpinning the Plan is a commitment to integrated care working through the development and strengthening of partnerships with other health and related services such as non-government organisations, general practitioners and private providers, amongst others. Person-centred and integrated health and social care are principles underpinning the Plan’s vision.

The Plan recognises that research is fundamental to achieving better outcomes and highlights the importance of the Central Coast Research Institute in conducting research that translates to the delivery of care and services in ways that direct benefit the community.

Read the plan here